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STARBURST Film Festival Manchester 26th-28th August 2016

Thunderbirds 1965 - New Episodes

Festival Saturday

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26th - 29 August 2016 MMU Manchester, UK

Preview – Thunderbirds 1965 – the New Episodes plus Q&A with Stephen LaRiviere and David Graham.

These exciting episodes are based on 3 original audio-only stories featuring the original cast which have been filmed using classic Supermarionation techniques as part of the programmes recent 50th anniversary.

The stories include new recruits Parker and Lady Penelope visiting Tracy Island for the first time, a trip to Mount Everest and extreme danger in the Tower of London.

Thunderbirds are go!

Introducing Thunderbirds - Dir Justin T. Lee
The Abominable Snowman - Dir Stephen La Riviere
The Stately Home Robberies - Dir David Elliott

Three episodes run time 85minutes.




Stephen La Rivière

An award-winning documentary filmmaker, Stephen La Rivière was the powerhouse behind the fantastic Filmed in Supermarionation, which looked at the history and legacy of Gerry Anderson.

Stephen will be at the festival with episodes from the new Thunderbirds 1965, which mixes old 1960s voice tracks and newly-filmed Supermarionation work to create something brand-new, but with the same Anderson aesthetic.

The Thunderbirds 1965 project raised over £200,000 on Kickstarter, making it the most successful UK film project, and we’re sure you’re just as excited to see the results as we are when Stephen premieres the episodes at the STARBURST International Film Festival.

Martin Unsworth

David Graham

With his instantly recognisable voice, David Graham is the perfect guest for the inaugural STARBURST International Film Festival. On screen, you’ll have heard David’s dulcet tones voicing the Daleks in early episodes of Doctor Who.

Possibly even more famously, as several characters in Gerry Anderson productions. Notably, Parker, Brains, Gordon Tracy, and Kyrano in Thunderbirds. He returned to the role of the intrepid chauffeur in the 2015 reboot Thunderbirds Are Go!

Are we excited about David appearing at the STARBURST Film Festival? “Yes, M’lady.”

ThunderbirdsTM and © ITC Entertainment Group Limited 1964, 1999 and 2015. Licensed by ITV Ventures Limited. All rights reserved.

Thunderbirds 1965 - on Kickstarter

We have brought it all back with brand new classic style episodes based on original 60s audio recordings.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page.

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