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STARBURST Film Festival Manchester 26th-28th August 2016

Starburst Film Festival Family Saturday

Saturday 27th August 10am - 4pm

Saturday - Family Day

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26th - 29 August 2016 MMU Manchester, UK

The Starburst Film Festival Saturday, between 10am and 4pm, will be offering a series of family focused activities, guests and special screenings.

Family tickets are £40.00 which includes entrance, on Saturday between 10am-6pm, for 2 adults and 2 children with further child’s tickets available for £5 each.

Already confirmed are:

Thunderbirds 1965 a very special screening of three new and complete Thuderbirds episodes. Created in the same Supermarionation style with the original actors voicing their much-loved characters.

Bob Baker the co-writer, with Nick Park, of the Wallace and Gromit Films and he will be talking about writing and creating characters such as ‘Shaun the Sheep’. Bob will also introduce a screening of one of the W&G films chosen by the festival delegates.

The Ray Harryhausen Foundation, established by the master stop-motion and model maker Ray Harryhausen , will be bringing models, animatronics and will screen previously unseen test footage. This is a real treat for any budding film-maker.

Caroline Munro will be introducing the screening of ‘The Golden Voyage of Sinbad’ and in this children’s classic she plays ‘Margiana’ the slave girl love interest.  This looks great on the big screen and is fun for all the family.

Katy Manning the Doctor’s trusty companion, Katy lit up our screens between 1971 and 1973 fighting Daleks, Drashigs and the Master before leaving the Doctor’s side to explore the Amazon. We interview Katy and present, with live commentary, Death of the Doctor a Sarah Jane Smith spin off.

Sha Nazir, of Black Hearted Press, will be hosting a comic creation workshop. He will be looking at the art of storytelling through the medium of drawing and bubble text.

We will soon be adding much more to the list of the Saturday’s special events such as ‘meet and greets’, more comic workshops and more guests.

Starburst Family Day Guests:

Bob Baker:

There are few screenwriters who leave a real mark on popular culture, who create characters that are not only remembered but also well loved. Bob Baker is one of those writers.

He must have been very young, when he started his television career which reaches back to the sixties, in fact he must have been very young when he was born!

Bob is a television screenwriter whose work has brought to life everyone from Doctor Who, Wallace and Gromit, television children’s classics such as Sky and his Dr Who work including creating the much-loved companion K9.

Talking about his work with Aardman and Nick Park he comments ‘Nick and I struck it off from the very first moment we met, and I think that’s critical to the success of a script, when you simply get on well with your writing partner’.

The script - Wallace & Gromit in The Wrong Trousers – would go on to enjoy unprecedented success, and bag itself an Oscar.

Starburst Magazine Interview

Starburst interviewed Bob about his autobiography ‘K9 Stole My Trousers’

Click here to read the full article.

Ray Harryhausen Foundation:

The Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation is a charitable Trust set up by Ray on the 10th April 1986. It is the primary aim of the Foundation to protect Ray’s name and body of work as well as archiving, preserving and restoring Ray’s extensive collection.

In addition the Foundation is firmly committed to show and exhibit, for educational and entertainment purposes, all of Ray’s unique collection which includes the short films as well as his feature productions.
It is estimated that there are in excess of 50,000 items in the collection, including original armatured models, hard rubber stand-in models, armatures, original moulds, original artwork and original miniatures to mention just a few.

During Ray’s almost 93 years, it is remarkable and fortunate that he rarely threw anything away, which is why the collection is near complete and contains so much original material.

Click here to Visit the Ray Harryhausen Foundation

Caroline Munro:

Caroline has appeared in many British and European horror and science fiction films through the 1970s and 1980s, most notably Starcrash (1979) with David Hasselhoff, Christopher Plummer and Marjoe Gortner.
Her career continued to thrive well in the 1980s, appearing in many slasher and Eurotrash productions. Her first film shot on American soil was the William Lustig production Maniac.

This was soon followed by the "multi-award winning, shot during the Cannes Film Festival" shocker The Last Horror Film, in which she was reunited with her Maniac co-star Joe Spinell.

She had a cameo role in the film Don't Open Till Christmas, Slaughter High, Paul Naschy's Howl of the Devil, and Jess Franco's Faceless followed in rapid succession. She reteamed with Starcrash director, Luigi Cozzi, for Demons 6: De Profundis (aka Il gatto nero) in 1989.

Talking about her career Caroline comments ‘Away from Hammer I enjoyed new challenges such as the slave girl love interest, Margiana, in The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad, Princess Dia in The Earths Core and Bond girl Naomi in the Roger Moore classic The Spy Who Loved Me.’

She continues ‘After my first Vogue feature I was chosen to head the advertising campaigns for several products, I am remembered most as the calendar girl for Lambs Navy Rum, which I did for over 10 years’.

Click here to visit Caroline's website

Sha Nazir:

Sha is a freelance artist, writer and educator based in Glasgow, Scotland.

He’s been around the block a bit, worked in design back in the day (97-01), but only does design on select projects now. He’s spent many years working in museums, galleries and arts organisations. He’s finally come home to illustration and the art of making and creating.

Drawing comics keeps him sane and a bit crazy all at the same time. Sha collects odd action figures, reads too much, loves dodgy bronze age comic covers and watches Star Trek when no one is looking.

Comics showcase and masterclasses

Sha Nazir will be hosting a comic creation workshop. He will be looking at the art of storytelling through the medium of drawing and bubble text. Other content in our comics section include:

Sha Nazir - How to Make Comics

SHA NAZIR is an illustrator and designer who has worked on a diverse range of books from the critically acclaimed The Amazing Mr. Mackintosh through to Mega Penguin. As the publisher at BHP Comics.

He’s also responsible for releasing new Graphic Novels and comics from industry legends like John Wagner to break out creators like Clare Forrest, in addition producing the successful Glasgow Comic Con, which last year saw over 10,000 attendees pass through the doors.

He is the founding chair of SICBA, the Scottish Independent Comic Book Alliance. His first graphic novel Laptop Guy, was released in summer 2015, he is currently putting the finishing touches to Comic Invention being released 18 March, which accompanies the Hunterian Art Gallery exhibition, Comic Invention: The Worlds First Comic.

Clare Forest - the Mighty Women of Science

Clare Forrest is an illustrator and writer who recently penned and illustrated 'Mighty Women of Science', published by Black Hearted Press.

Clare's work can be seen all around Glasgow as she designed the poster for Glasgow Comic Con this year. She has also done design work for the O2 Academy, collaborated with Gillian Kyle and contributed to Team Girl Comic.

Tanya Roberts - how to draw Star Wars

Sha Nazir and Greg Watts – An open pitching session for aspiring writers and artists looking to break into the industry

Greg Watts

Sha Nazir and Greg Watts – An open pitching session for aspiring writers and artists looking to break into the industry.

Comic book colourist and digital assistant having worked on 'Laptop Guy' and 'Tomorrow', logistics manager at Glasgow Comic Con and co-founder of the comic book news and review website

Visit Sha's website for more information

Starburst Film Festival Highlights

Horror Double Bill

Horror Double Bill

Nightly Horror Double Bill screenings
Including Psychomania (Remastered print) & Dracula 1972 classic films, from the horror genre, to keep you on the edge of your seat...

RUN!  Gangsters at 40

RUN! Gangsters at 40

The creator of this classic television show Philip Martin is in conversation with Dick Fiddy. Looking back at the series and his new novelisation

Bob Baker

Bob Baker

Bob Baker, BAFTA winner writer of Wallace and Gromit – A Matter of Loaf and Death. He discusses the characters and their exploits in a Q&A session and introduces the fans favourite W&G short film.

Battletruck Screening

Battletruck Screening

Harley Cokeliss screens a fully restored copy of his 'post oil wars' 1982 epic Battletruck

See the Festival Hightlights