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STARBURST Film Festival Manchester 26th-28th August 2016

Inside No.9 - Exclusive Season 3 Previews

Inside No.9

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26th - 29 August 2016 MMU Manchester, UK

Series 3 exclusive Picture: The Devil of Christmas - From right to left the cast are George Bedford, Reece Shearsmith, Jessica Raine, Steve Pemberton and Rula Lenska.

Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith follow up the multi-award-winning Psychoville with an anthology of tales of the genuinely unexpected. What goes on behind closed doors on the street where you live? Inside No. 9 invites viewers into six very different No. 9s, where the ordinary and mundane rub shoulders with the extraordinary and macabre.

The BBC will be screening season 3, of which will no doubt become cult classic TV, from September 2016. The STARBURST Film Festival has secured a totally exclusive screening an episode from season 3 prior to broadcasting. These screening/s will be supported by a discussion and Q&A sessions about the show and exciting guests from the productions.

Appearing at the festival, supporting Inside No.9, will be Steve Pemberton, the director Graeme Harper and series producer Adam Tandy.


Steve Pemberton

Coming to the attention of the public as a member of The League of Gentlemen, Steve has also become a familiar face in other series, including his lead role in the hit comedy Benidorm, Psychoville, Doctor Who, Whitechapel, Happy Valley, and Mapp and Lucia.

Steve will be attending the STARBURST International Film Festival and bringing an early sneak peek at Series Three of Inside No. 9, the brilliant anthology series he co-created with League co-star Reece Shearsmith.

Adam Tandy - Inside No.9 Producer

A prolific producer, Adam Tandy has had a hand in bringing some of the greatest modern TV series to the screen. From The Thick of It to Come Fly With Me and beyond, he’s been involved in some of the best cutting-edge comedy of recent years.

Adam will be joining us as part of the team behind Inside No. 9, which we will be previewing at the festival.

Graeme Harper - Director

A legend in TV directing, Graeme Harper is synonymous with Doctor Who, having directed the series in both the classic era and in after the 2005 return. He has also helmed episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures, Biker Grove, House of Anubis, as well as soaps such as Coronation Street, Casualty, and Hollyoaks.

STARBURST is delighted to have Graeme along to the festival to regale us with his tales from behind the scenes at the BBC.

Martin Unsworth

BBC: Inside No.9

The BBC's webpage 'Inside No.9' is live and except it to start being busy later this year with teasers and more information.

Click here to visit the show page.

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