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STARBURST Film Festival Manchester 26th-28th August 2016

BFI DVD Curated Film Screenings

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26th - 29 August 2016 MMU Manchester, UK

Psychomania (Remastered print):

Special Festival Guest - Nicky Henson (Tom Latham)

Tom Latham enjoys riding his motorcycle with his girlfriend and loves his mother, but he is no ordinary fellow. He is an amiable teen psychopath. Like Alex, he has an unusual pet in a frog and a distinctive catch phrase, "hello, little green friend."

Tom is the leader of a violent teen gang, who ride motorcycles, dabble in black magic and call themselves "The Living Dead". In a similar vein, his mother and her sinister butler get their kicks out of holding séances in their home. With her help Tom makes a pact with the devil to return from the dead.

One by one, he and his fellow bikers commit suicide with the goal of returning as one of the "undead". Several of them fail, but the ones who do return gather together at a secret place called "The Seven Witches" (a circle of standing stones), after which they continue to terrorize the locals.

BFI curates Short Films to Chill

GG Passion - David Bailey directs

Hosted by BFI, Sam Dunn presents a series of long unseen support features and film shorts, featuring classic scares and tales that in many cases haven't been screened for decades.

They include THE LAKE, ORCHARD END MURDERS, 29 and GG PASSION, with the latter directed by legendary Photographer David Bailey.

Children’s Film Foundation Sci-Fi Fantasy Films:

The Glitterball - Director Harley Cokeliss

Founded in 1951 The Children's Film Foundation (CFF) was a non-profit-making organisation which made films for children in the United Kingdom.

Many of its films, dating back to the 1960s, were shown on the BBC in the 1980s, on the Friday Film Special. In 2012 The Children's Film and Television Foundation changed its name and broadened its role to become the Children's Media Foundation

BFI CFF Highlights:

The BFI acts as curator for the CFF and has collected a number of these very special films for us to enjoy, including:

The Glitterball

The Monster of Highgate Ponds

A Glitch in Time (starring Patrick Troughton)

The Boy Who Turned Yellow (Powell & Pressburger)

John Krish Tribute

Steed and Peel in The Living Dead

Join us as we celebrate the work of the late John Krish, hosted by Sam Dunn

This presentation includes a screening of John’s classic short ‘Unearthly Stranger' (A legendary lost sci-fi b-movie) and two classic Avenger episodes ‘A funny thing happened on the way to the Station’ and ‘Escape in Time’. Plus a rare clean period print of his Avengers title sequence.

Play for Today from Yesterday

Penda's Fen 1974

Horror stories and psychological dramas from the BBC's classic PLAY FOR TODAY series, featuring ROBIN REDBREAST and PENDAS FEN, with Q&A discussions from surviving cast and crew.

In 2011, Penda's Fen was chosen by Time Out London magazine as one of the 100 best British films. They described the play as:

"A multi-layered reading of contemporary society and its personal, social, sexual, psychic and metaphysical fault lines. Fusing Elgar’s ‘Dream of Gerontius’ with a heightened socialism of vibrantly localist empathy, and pagan belief systems with pre-Norman histories and a seriously committed – and prescient – ecological awareness, ‘Penda’s Fen’ is a unique and important statement"

BFI DVD Collection

All BFI releases are mastered from the best quality film materials available, often held at the BFI National Archive, and are accompanied by extensive, illustrated booklets.

Click here to visit the BFI website.

Starburst Film Festival Highlights

Horror Double Bill

Horror Double Bill

Nightly Horror Double Bill screenings
Including Psychomania (Remastered print) & Dracula 1972 classic films, from the horror genre, to keep you on the edge of your seat...

RUN!  Gangsters at 40

RUN! Gangsters at 40

The creator of this classic television show Philip Martin is in conversation with Dick Fiddy. Looking back at the series and his new novelisation

Bob Baker

Bob Baker

Bob Baker, BAFTA winner writer of Wallace and Gromit – A Matter of Loaf and Death. He discusses the characters and their exploits in a Q&A session and introduces the fans favourite W&G short film.

Battletruck Screening

Battletruck Screening

Harley Cokeliss screens a fully restored copy of his 'post oil wars' 1982 epic Battletruck

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