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STARBURST Film Festival Manchester 26th-28th August 2016

Martine Beswick - Actress & Bond Girl

Martine Beswick

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26th - 29 August 2016 MMU Manchester, UK

Scream queen Martine Beswick is best-known for her roles in Hammer classics such One Million Years BC (alongside Raquel Welsh) in 1966 and Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde in 1971 but she launched her career several years earlier when she made her mark as one of the earliest ‘Bond girls’- and the only one to appear twice in different roles!

She auditioned for the role of Honey Ryder in Dr No but although she lost out to Ursula Andress she went on to appear as the feisty gypsy girl Zora in From Russia With Love and later as Paula Caplan in Thunderball, the fourth title in the Bond series.

In the 1970s Martine moved to the United States where her career flourished with appearances in TV series such as The Fall Guy, The Six Million Dollar Man, Hart to Hart and Falcon Crest and cult features films such as Critters 4, Wide Sargasso Sea and, memorably, The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood where she played notorious celebrity call girl/memoirist Xaviera Hollander.

By Paul Mount

Picture - Martine Beswick as Paula Caplan in Thunderball © Eon Productions 1965

Starburst Magazine: Cannon Films

An interesting piece on Cannon Films, who Martine was an actress for in Electric Boogaloo. Cannon made movies such as Lifeforce and Master’s of the Universe.

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